Chris Bosh on Coach Spoelstra: “He Wants To Work, We Wanna chill”



Only Chris Bosh can turn a positive like him finally showing up big for the Heat (he had 35 points in a win over the Suns), into a negative just by opening his mouth.

During post game he dropped this gem of a quote about his coach:

“He wants to work, we wanna chill. I hope he can meet us halfway, I play too many minutes I need to rest.

Wow, a head coach who wants his multi millioniare players to actually work in practice, what in the world was Spoelstra thinking?

Didn’t he get the memo that overpaid and overrated players like Chris Bosh, don’t work hard, they chill on South Beach.

Because of course they don’t have enough time to chill, while they are doing such a difficult job of having to practice a few hours a day and then play a game in front of thousands of adoring fans.

They need to “chill”, because the Heat doesn’t need to get better, they are the South Beach NWO.

Why do they need to work, the NBA Championship is going to be handed to them on platter.  They have more important things to do like decide what car to drive or what teammate wife to sleep with.

In the immortal words of Nas:

“This is the guy you named your company after?”

Chris Bosh is lingering real close to Vince Carter territory, meaning that having him on your team guarantees you won’t be winning any championships any time soon.

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  • How is that different from LeBron's 44 minute comment after the Boston loss?

    Once the "team leader" says it, it's a wrap.

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