Cleveland’s Reply to Lebron James’ “Rise” Nike Commercial..Ether or Pathetic?

I will say this, it is nicely produced whoever did the remix of the video.

I have come to the conclusion that Cleveland is never going to get over this. Some things you just don’t over. I think 100 years from now when they will still be making “diss records” against Lebron.

It is like when the Red Sox gave Babe Ruth to the Yankees or when they kicked Bobby Brown out of New Edition.

In most situations this would be considered “Professional Ether”, but in Cleveland’s case I have to say it is borderline pathetic.

I am not going to waste my breath saying they should get over it because that obviously isn’t going to happened, but they need a way to come to terms with it.

The more they continue to talk about and let it effect them the worse it makes them look. They are scorn lovers and at this point I expect to see them on “Deadly Women” or “Wicked Attraction” soon.


8 thoughts on “Cleveland’s Reply to Lebron James’ “Rise” Nike Commercial..Ether or Pathetic?

  • Cleveland needs therapy. They are like that chick who keeps getting her heart broken, and can't find real love.

  • This was a great video. Honestly, it's better produced than the original.

    "Should I be who you wanted me to be?"

    "We wanted you to be who you said you'd be."

    That's the ether of the video. You can't make commercials like that and don't expect a response.

  • i get that cavs fans should get over it – but honestly..this says it all! i like that they used his own words against him. great vid.

  • The Cleveland fans can and have put up with a lot. The drive, the fumble, the shot, etc. and have bounced back and are still one of the most solid fan bases out there. These are conditions that are expected to happen in a sports town like Cleveland or LA or Boston, but to have an individual that was to be expected to surpass Jordan, Koby, Bird, Johnson and find out he's no more than a " take my ball and go home (elsewhere)" when he runs out of people to blame. People are saying if it weren't for him they wouldn't have made it as far as they did. Well, he's the one that chose the players he surrounded himself with because Gilbert allowed him too much say in the decision making. My opinion is that we will get over it. The Cavs will no longer be dependant on a prima donna who requires the majority of the team plane for "his homies" and or "ME" request. Hickson, Varejao, Williams and the others are all quality players that will push ahead and at least if they make the playoffs one person with the "I Quit" attitude won't decide the outcome.

  • Great Blog cool follow up post too.

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