Derek Jeter Wants a 150 Million Contract From Yankees

Unlike most people, I don’t think the Yankees owe Derek Jeter anything more than what his play dictates.

The Yankees are a brand with or without Derek Jeter.

The Yankees made Jeter— not the other way around. If Jeter had the same career with the Royals, he would be considered great, but not a mega crossover star.

I understand they want to give him a little more because he is Mr. Yankee. But the facts are he is a decent, not great player,and his demands are a bit crazy:

Derek Jeter started contract negotiations with the New York Yankees by asking for a six- year, $150 million deal, the Daily News reported.

Jeter, who has won five World Series titles in 16 years with the Yankees, is standing firm on $25 million per year, according to the New York newspaper, citing an unidentified person familiar with the negotiations. The Yankees originally offered the 11-time All-Star a three- year, $45 million deal that would make Jeter, 36, the highest-paid shortstop in Major League Baseball.

Jeter’s agent, Casey Close, disputed the Daily News report in an e-mail to the Star-Ledger, writing that “the recently rumored terms of our contract proposal are simply inaccurate” and refusing further comment to the Newark, New Jersey, newspaper.

I think the 45 million deal is very fair for an average aging shortstop and it isn’t like Jeter hasn’t been paid throughout his career.

Just because he isn’t getting A-Rod money, he is salty.

But trust me when I tell you this—if he ends up signing with the Astros or some other wayward squad, the Yankees will be fine and Jeter will be fading to Turkey with Allen Iverson.

5 thoughts on “Derek Jeter Wants a 150 Million Contract From Yankees

  • Really? So, he should have asked for the least amount he'd be willing to accept, and hoped the Yankees, would give him more because they're such nice guys? Come on now, everyone knows both parties start in the corner and work their way across the table. Jeter isn't expecting 150 (I doubt he even asked for that, I'd say 120 mil) and I'm sure the Yankees know they'll be going beyond the 45 they've offered.

    eh. the media but I have to admit, its a good show.

  • I think the offer for 45 million is fair too

  • Denise, Jeter doesnt deserve the 3 yr 45mil offered let alone 120mil. He wouldnt get half of that from any other organzation, period. He'll save face and accept 3yrs/50mil in about a week, bank it!

  • As a Yankees fan, I’d like to see him retire as a career Yankee. But if he can find an organization that will pay him more than 3yrs/45mil then he should take it. I’d rather see him walk then really overpay him & I’m sure most Yankees fans feel the same way. The current offer is more than generous enough considering last season’s stats & his age.

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