Donovan McNabb and Redskins Agree to 5 Year 78 Million Dollar Extension


This is according to ESPN’s Michael Smith.

First let me say congratulations to Donovan McNabb for getting paid as it is being reported that 40 million of the extension is guaranteed.

Now what that being said:


Giving that type of money to a player who you just benched in favor of Rex Grossman, is the reason that the Redskins have been awful since Daniel Synder walked in the building.

The only way this works out in favor of the Redskins is if McNabb delivers a Super Bowl to Washington and honestly do you really believe that is going to happen?

Tom Brady just signed a similar extension that paid him an additional 78 million dollars and 48 million guaranteed and don’t get me wrong Donovan is a good quarterback but he is no Tom Brady.

The Redskins in essence have made their decision to sink or swim with McNabb, my opinion is they will drown.


  1. I don't want to hear any more questions about his failure to properly grasp a two minute offense. I don't want to hear any more questions about his physical conditioning. The Skins have decided to hitch their wagons to McNabb. Now is the time for the Skins to prepare to surround this man with the weapons he has needed for the majority of his career. The NYG has a budding star in Hakeem Nicks. The Boys have Miles Austin and a budding star in Dez Bryant (they have to give him the ball more). The Eagles have Jackson and Maclin, along with Brent Celek. Shanny, put that supposed great mind to use and start stockpiling offensive weapons.

  2. No one was going to offer McNabb anything remotely close to that amount. Snyder remains The Heavyweight Champ of Bad Personnel Moves. I’m sure Isiah Thomas could come in contribute to the cause though.

    Wonder when the Vick to Dallas rumors start/heat up? We know Vick isn’t not going to DC now.

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