Donovan McNabb: “When You Get Benched, You Get Benched, You Just Move On”

If there was one time I would have been cool with a player just going off in a post game press conference on his coach it would have better yesterday when Donovan McNabb stepped to the podium.

But McNabb is a smart guy, he knew that if he said what he really felt, it would make a situation go from bad to worse. I commend him on being a professional and handling it better than most people would.

I wonder though how he will react to this going forward.

When he was benched in Philadelphia he came back and played some of his best football of his career.  Is that what Mike Shanahan was thinking when he trotted out Rex Grossman aka Mr. 2 Minute Drill?

I did some digging and from what I can gather the real reason McNabb was bench is simple, Shanahan doesn’t think he is running his system properly.  McNabb numbers aren’t average at best, but the Redskins do have as many wins as they did last year.

As soon as the trade was made in the offseason I assumed McNabb would get a contract extension.  Half way through the season McNabb is still working without one.

In reality McNabb is currently a temp worker for the Redskins.

It is quite possible this will be McNabb one and only year in DC, Shanahan has all the power and if he thinks he can find someone better he will.

The Redskins are 4-4 and their last eight games will determine what happens in the future.

If I am McNabb though I would keep my bags packed.