Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Getting Divorce For Real This Time..New Details

Yesterday TMZ reported that Spurs guard Tony Parker and Eva Longoria were getting divorce.

Then a half hour later they didn’t necessarily retract their statement, but they reported that Longoria denied that a divorce was taking place.

I have been doing this job for a long time and I know TMZ just doesn’t report things on a whim, so I figured they were having some sort of problems.

Today US Weekly brings those problems to light.  Here are the details:

Eva Longoria Parker and Tony Parker have split after three years of marriage, Us Weekly reveals in its newest issue, on stands Wednesday.

Multiple sources tell Us Weekly that Longoria Parker, 35, recently discovered that her husband, 28, has been exchanging personal texts with a mutual female friend for nearly a year — hundreds in just one month.

She plans to file for divorce soon, sources tell Us.

“Eva is heartbroken by the betrayal,” says one insider, adding that her husband confessed to the inappropriateness – which took place for nearly a year – after she confronted him.

Adds another friend, “Once the trust was lost, the marriage was over.”

The infamous text messages takes down another man.

I am going to give the fellas some rules:

1- Delete everything off your phone daily.

2- Delete any and all pictures daily.

3- Delete all voicemails.

Do you see a common theme here?


People Magazine and TMZ have confirmed that Longoria filed the divorce papers this morning.

This particular story seem to have struck a nerve with a lot of people, I am not sure why.  Celebrity couples get divorced all the time, if Bobby and Whitney couldn’t make it and they were smoking crack together, I don’t hold much hope for anyone.

5 thoughts on “Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Getting Divorce For Real This Time..New Details

  • And don't share phone accounts…..so she can't look up the call and text records to even see that you text her friend 100 times a day! O_O

    • He is dumb, probably got lazy because he didn't get caught for awhile

  • At least Eva didn't beat him with a golf club… that being said isn't she a hypocrite I mean she's had tons of cheating rumors herself and a chummy friendship with Mario Lopez and yet Tony never sweated it. Why bother now?

    I think Tony wants out but Eva is doing this to save face.

    • I am sure she did something too

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