Floyd Mayweather Accused of Battery on Security Guard

Floyd has been “accused” of a lot of fights lately, unfortunately none have been with the person the world wants him to fight Manny Pacquiao.

This altercation seems a bit silly, but here are the details:

Law enforcement sources tell us … a private security guard who was patrolling inside Floyd’s gated community drove up to Floyd’s house a few hours ago to confront the boxer about a parking situation.

We’re told the security guard rolled down his window to talk to Floyd … and that’s when Floyd allegedly unleashed his finger — striking the dude in the face.

Cops were called to the scene and knocked on Floyd’s door — but we’re told the boxer refused to open up.

We’re told since Floyd was only suspected of a misdemeanor battery — and because the alleged incident didn’t take place in front of a police officer — cops merely took a report and did not make an arrest.

I didn’t know you can film a complaint over a finger poking incident, but apparently you can.

If you are Top Flight Security of the World, you should be able to handle that situation.

We need Floyd available for a possible Pacquiao fight, not in jail for assault by a deadly index finger.

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