Former Giants RB Dave Meggett Gets 30 Year Jail Sentence for Rape

The story is an interesting one to say the least.

Meggett admits having sex with the woman, but because she owed him money he claims it was a consensual “down payment”.

At that point it becomes a matter of who you believe.  Here are more details:

Meggett allegedly raped a college student at her North Charleston, South Carolina home in January 2009. Though he didn’t testify, Meggett’s lawyer told the jury during closing arguments that Meggett admitted to having sex with the woman, “but the two were friends and had a sexual agreement as repayment for debt.”

The victim testified that the pair previously had a drunken sexual encounter, that she indeed owed Meggett (she knew him as “Mike”) $200, and that she awoke one night to find him at the foot of her bed.

He asked for the money, she said she didn’t have it, and “he told me he was going to take a down payment now.”

She said that Meggett “grabbed her throat, pinned her arm behind her back and had forcible intercourse with her.”

Only two people know what really happened in that room.

The court believes the victim and in the end that is all that matters. If I was Meggett I would have taken the stand and told my side of the story.

30 years is a long time in jail, if he did as she claims it is justified, if it didn’t than it is a miscarriage of justice.

One thing I can say is that Meggett should have been smarter and not put himself in a position where it would even be a question.


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  • not the first time for a former Giant hero. He's got some demons.

  • what's ur point dude? everything in this country is for white folk and u probably r a racist cuz if u weren't this would not b a problem 4 u redneck. If u don't like the channel change it. we don't like ur kind anyway, Just joking ha ha ha, that's the reality. ur ok im ok calm down and enter ur comments about the subject: this sleasebag Meggett.

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