Jeff Fisher on Vince Young: “He is Not Banned From Complex”

I know Titans owner Bud Adams has said that Young and Fisher will have to work out their lovers’ quarrel, but I wonder if Adams has spoken directly to Jeff Fisher.

Fisher doesn’t sound like someone who is ready to repair the relationship.

Reports were that Young was banned from the team facilities while Fisher says that is only partially correct.

“I went to look for Vince in the locker room prior to a team meeting, couldn’t find him. I had one of my assistants inform Vince he was not welcome in the team meeting for obvious reasons,” Fisher said Tuesday night on his weekly radio show. “I discussed the situation that happened the night before” at the meeting.

Fisher said what happens in the locker room after a game is supposed to be confidential.

“We had an incident in the locker room, and it was very unfortunate. It’s been well documented,” Fisher said. “As a result of not only the incident in the locker room but also more importantly the injury to Vince’s thumb, Vince is not going to play anymore this season.”

Fisher said Young is on injured reserve, and that such players are permitted in the building. Players on injured reserve work with team trainers on their rehabilitation.

“There’s been speculation he was banned from the building. That was not correct,” said Fisher, who added that he would not address Young’s situation again after Tuesday night.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but from my perspective it looks like Fisher is trying to get the team to turn against Young.

The support for Young in the Titans locker room is iffy at best. If you recall in the past, teammates have accused Young of “quitting” on the team.

What happens in these last few games of the season will determine what happens this offseason. If Fisher can rally the team around a rookie quarterback and somehow make it to the playoffs, I believe Young will be traded.

For all of Vince Young’s faults, he has given the Titans the best chance to win. And if the wheels fall off the team, it could be Fisher that is shown the door.