Jerry Jones Fires Wade Phillips The Gets Liquored Up in Vegas

I know the first thing I do after firing someone and when my organization is in shambles is to hit Vegas.

It is a no brainer really.

JJ can go flirt with some young girls explain how he is smarter than Jimmy Johnson.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Just days after firing his head coach … and watching his season go down in flames … Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones plotted his next move — partying with young chicks at a Vegas nightclub.

Jones — wearing what appears to be a Super Bowl ring — hit the Lavo nightclub in the Venetian Hotel last night and posed for a photo for our pals at

I appreciate the fact that while Jones is a multi millionaire he still shops for his shirts at Target. All the Dollarnaires including myself the King of Dollarnaires respect that.

Pimp on Jerry, Pimp on…