Jerry Jones Might Try To Avoid the Rooney Rule

My thoughts on the Rooney Rule is this.  If the team knows who they want to hire immediately, they shouldn’t be force to interview a token candidate, but if a team interviews more than one candidate the rule should come into place.

If Jerry Jones is convinced by the end of the year he wants Jason Garrett as his coach, that’s fine why should he have to interview someone who he has no intention of hiring.

The rule though is very clear though even though Jerry is talking like he will try to get around them.

Here is what Jones had to say:

“There are some extenuating circumstances that are involved here,” Jones said in his weekly appearance on KRLD radio, per Tim MacMahon of  “On my decision and how we make it, I’ll have the opportunity to present that to the league, so we’ll see how that goes.  But I really can’t give you any type of answer there because I’m not so sure I’m through working the process.”

Profootballtalk pointed out there isn’t any special circumstances, Jones according to the rule has to interview a minority candidate reagrdless if he likes it or not.

He shouldn’t get any special treatment just because he is Jerry Jones, even though I understand what he is saying.

2 thoughts on “Jerry Jones Might Try To Avoid the Rooney Rule

  • Hell, go get Denny Green, talk to him for a couple of hours, give him 20k and call that your "minority" sham interview.

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