Jets LB Bart Scott to Get “The Blind Side” Treatment From Hollywood

The one thing you need know about Hollywood is if something is successful they will continue to make similar movies until the well runs dry.

With the success of “The Blind Side” the life story (somewhat) of Ravens offensive Michael Oher, Hollywood is looking for more athletes who have interesting upbringings to make a quick buck on.

That brings us to Jets linebacker Bart Scott, who has had a couple of people knocking at the door trying to make his story into The Blind Side part deux:

And so it is that a couple producers and a screenwriter are working to develop the life of Jets linebacker Bart Scott into a Hollywood biopic in the vein of The Blind Side, which (at least the film version) dealt with how now current Ravens tackle Michael Oher overcame a rough upcoming through the help of an adoptive family with close ties to the football program at Ole Miss.

Scott’s upbringing was certainly turbulent enough, having grown up in one of the many rough areas of Detroit and having been raised by a mother who worked three jobs. Scott couldn’t get a scholarship because of his SAT score and later went undrafted before earning a job in the NFL with an audition with the Baltimore Ravens.

Oher story was very unique, Scott’s story unfortunately is not unusual in the African-American community. Many black players who make it to the league had to deal with similar circumstances.

Like it or not the fact that Oher was adopted by an affluent (KG Speak) white family is what made the story profitable.

So unless Scott was taken in by Mr. Burns or Tyler Perry is directing I doubt this ever sees the big screen.

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  • No one would pay to see Bart Scott's bio. He has no class, and cost the Ravens the game vs NE by throwing a tantrum. He is a nobody.

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