Joakim Noah on Kevin Garnett: “He’s Ugly & Will Not Get Christmas Gift From Me”


Kevin Garnett could be considered like a Werewolf.

During the day he is the nicest guy you can ever meet.  I can speak from personal experience he is a very cordial, down to earth guy.

But when the full moon comes out and he steps on the court you get a different KG.  That intensity is what has made him a great player for a long time, but at times he goes too far.

Most insiders knew this, but it is now coming to public light as some NBA players are calling him out.  Joakim  Noah who isn’t shy about about speaking his mind had this to say about KG courtesy of No Guts No Glory:

“Kevin Garnett will not — will not — get a Christmas gift from me,” Noah said with a tinge of humor Wednesday on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “I don’t like him.”

The most recent incident was Friday night in Boston when Noah received a technical foul, and afterward said of Garnett: “He is who he is.”

“He’s a very mean guy,” Noah said Wednesday. “Where’s the love? None at all. Ugly, too.”

Noah went straight 1st grade put downs with the “ugly” shot. Lot of testosterone flowing in the early season NBA. I blame the South Beach NWO everyone is salty.


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