Kevin Garnett on Charlie Villanueva: “I’m Not Speaking to Nobodies”

#1 thing you need to do today is follow @KGtrashtalk on twitter.  It is pure comedy.

After KG gave that lame excuse that he didn’t call Vilanueva a “cancer patient”, but “cancerous to his team and the league“, people have gotten on KG for all of sudden turning scholarly on us.

He was asked about the incident again and here is what he had to say:

Garnett was back on the offensive yesterday, courtesy of sports talk radio (via Sporting News):

“First off, the false statement which he was citing,” Garnett said. “Dude knew what I said to him. I’m not going to get back into it and bring it up, because you know what? I’m not speaking to nobodies these days.

“It was just one thing that I had to deal with that day. We all have to deal with different things every day. I had to pile that on to my list to deal with.”

I am not sure if he is saying Vilanueva is a nobody or he just isn’t speaking to “nobodies” in general.

But King Garnett seems to have a really high opinion of himself lately, since it appears he doesn’t feel the little people are on his level anymore.

Maybe he will be traded to the Heat, seems like he will fit in well, then he can “chill” with Chris Bosh.

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  • Competetive rivalry, not egotistical pride IMO.

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