Kim Kardashian Halloween Pics & Why Miles Austin Needs To Give Her a Call


There is some debate on who ended the relationship between Cowboys Miles Austin and Kim Kardashian, but one thing is clear when you leave Kimmy there are consequences.

First Reggie Bush left the building, he gets hurt and the Saints even though they had a very good victory over the Steelers yesterday, have been shaky at best.

Miles Austin is solid season for the Cowboys, but dropping Kimmy after getting his big contract extension might not has been a wise idea.

What is the best way to effect a wide receiver? Take out his quarterback.

Could it be that Kimmy has more power than the booty?

Could Kimmy be a real life “cooler”?  It is possible she can put a “Hex” on her ex-boyfriends?  What was the last hit Ray J had?  Did Ray J ever have a hit?  “Sexy Can I” wasn’t bad.

Yes I made all this up, so I could post the pictures, but something to think about. Robert Stack would call it an “Unsolved Mystery”.


  1. Wow, I actually laughed while reading this. Interesting, although entirely opinion, it does make you think….. She might be the same witch who planted a spell on Lebron James this season

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