Latest Chris Bosh Quotes: “We Work Hard, But We Need Rest to Perform”


Can someone just tell Bosh to stop talking, because he isn’t making things any better.

The latest quotes are courtesy of Chris Mannix of twitter account.

The thing is I understand what Bosh and Lebron are saying, but the point is, this isn’t something that should be out in the public.  I guarantee if Pat Riley was the coach you would never hear this.

I have never heard Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan talk about needing rest.

If anything players like that have to be told to slow it down a bit, because they are constantly working so hard.  They perform regardless of how “tired” they are or how many “minutes” they are playing.

They are annoyed when they are taken out of the game.

Bosh on the other hand less than 20 games into the season wants his coach to take it easy on them, because for them to perform at the highest level they need their “chill” time.

This is now the official Miami Heat Theme Song:

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