Lebron James: “I Am Playing Too Many Minutes”


I can confidently say if the Heat don’t win the Championship Erik Spoelstra won’t be the coach next year.

He is in a no win situation.

He has no power, what can he possibly tell Lebron and D Wade?  Plus Pat Riley has basically said those two players run the team.  If the Heat win he won’t get any credit, if they lose he will be the scapegoat.

Lebron is already chirping about playing too many minutes.

“For myself, 44 minutes is too much,” James declared. “I think Coach Spo knows that. Forty minutes for D-Wade is too much. We have to have as much energy as we can to finish games out.”

The reason why James and Wade are playing so many minutes is because the rest of the team is “Oscar the Grouch” status aka they are garbage.

If either Lebron or Wade sit for long period of time the Heat are going to lose, so it is a catch 22.

But what Lebron wants, Lebron usually gets, so look for his minutes to be cut.



  1. Lebron is a joke if he wants to win at all he has to play alot of minutes he gets paid alot of money still to play alot of minutes. If he stop going to the clubs so much partying, chasing after woman like he single ,Drinking so much these are true facts. He would have enough energy to play the minutes that the coach wants him to play. This man needs to grow up and act his age he gets all this money he ought to be grateful he is in the nba. There are so many people with his talent that has not made it to the nba only to the developing league.So instead of him fronting his coach out those off the court issues are his problems too.We not Savannah we as fans will not take his excuses and lies!!

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