LaMichael James Under NCAA’s Watchful Eye For Driving Range Rover

At this point, Auburn quarterback Cam Newton can’t lunch from the Cafe without the NCAA knowing about it. The NCAA investigation into the possible ‘pay-for-play’ with Mississippi State are starting to hurt Newton’s chances to be the landslide winner everyone thought he would be a month ago.

The NCAA has decided to share it’s investigative spotlight with another Heisman hopeful, LeMichael James. Williamette Weekly has the details:

James was spotted driving a new vehicle—a 2003 Range Rover.

Questions about how James acquired his white luxury ride prompted Angie Cretors, NCAA assistant director for agent, gambling and amateurism activities, to fly to Portland to investigate. She met early this month with Pernell Brown, a local gang-outreach worker who describes himself as James’ “uncle.”

Brown says James told him someone was stalking him and leaving notes on his car—a red 2000 Ford Mustang with James’ initials and his jersey number, 21, affixed to the side window.

Brown—a former Woodlawn Park Blood who served seven years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon—says he suggested trading cars with James. Brown says he bought his 2003 Range Rover this year. Sales records show he paid $17,238 cash to M&R Auto Sales in Northeast Portland. Brown says a finance company provided the money, and he leases the SUV from the company.

Brown says the trade with James was temporary and intended only to protect James from a stalker. “It didn’t even matter what type of car it was,” Brown says. “He didn’t care.”

When Williamette Weekly asked the NCAA about the investigation, “It is NCAA policy not to comment on current, pending or potential investigations,” was their comment.

I must say either this is the truth or a very good elaborate story. If it isn’t the truth, it makes you wonder about James’ common sense to drive a new car while still in college. Especially seeing the scrunity that Cam Newton and his family is going through.

Three potential Heisman scandals in one calendar year is more than college football can handle.  Something has to give and the NCAA has to be honest with itself that the system is broken. Antiquated ideas in a modern and evolved society will always fail, and the NCAA is a prime example of this.

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  • So they don't have a Hertz or Enterprise in Portland? Renting wasn't an option?

  • whats the big deal? It's a 2003 model that costs 17 grand.

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