Lingerie League Football Players to Be Featured in Playboy

I had to do some in depth investigation of this particular story.

But I have a confession I have never watched a Lingerie League game.

Shocking isn’t it?

I know a lot of the players, but I have never gotten around to watching them play.  I know they take it seriously, so this Friday I will make it my duty to check out the booty on MTV2.

Hef has been watching and he is going to hook them up with Playboy, has all the sexy details:

The LFL and Playboy have come to an agreement to feature 1 player from each team in the February 2011 issue. The lucky ladies are spending the week at the Playboy Mansion and the shoot will take place at the Coliseum.  Home of the leagues’ Los Angeles franchise, the LA Temptation

I haven’t purchased a Playboy since the late 90’s, but if Playboy wants to send me a free copy (hint, hint) I will review the spread.

By the way this gif is priceless:

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  • was she poppin kinda…gif runnig mad slow on my internet here at work lol. i've watched a game or two. many of those chicks has awesome bodies.

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