Lions Safety CC Brown on Being Voted NFL Worst Player: “F*** Their List”


The NFL Network recently did a Top 100 NFL players of All Time, so Deadspin decided to do a Top 100 worst NFL players list.

I don’t think for the most part any player noticed or cared about the list, but Lions Safety didn’t take to well to it.

Take a look at his quotes and if you have small children around you might not want them to read this.

Here’s what Pearlman said about Brown:

As the joke goes, C.C. stands for “Can’t Cover.” Some players manage to find work no matter how poorly they play. Here’s Exhibit A.

Well Detroit Free Presswriter, Dave Birkett, was feeling frisky so he gave Brown a chance to respond to this critique. He did not disappoint:

“I mean, I really don’t give a sh*t about it,” Brown said. “It is what it is, man. F*ck that list. Whoever said it, you can tell them I said F*CK their list and F*CK them, too.”

“They’re going to put who they want on that list. There’s a bunch of guys out there that’s so-called supposed to be the man, but they’re sorry as sh*t but they ain’t going to put them on that list because that’s probably one of their guys when they were coming out. To the guy that got that list, he can kiss my ass. Quote that.”

Can’t you imagine Tupac’s “Hit Em Up” playing in the background while Brown was giving his quotes?

I was just waiting for Brown to say:


I can understand why Brown would be a little annoyed, but he can’t let it get to him.  Plus is makes a non story, a story when he gets upset like that.

In the end he still has a job in the league and that is all that matters.


  1. I agree with you in your statement that " In the end he still has a job in the league and that is all that matters". I could not imagine having a job where you have millions of critiques and any time you make one mistake (or many mistakes) they talk about how horrible you are. A friend of mine is on this list. 🙁

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