Marion Barber Violates New Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett’s Dress Code

When a new coach comes in a lot of times he likes to puff out his chest a little bit.

Jason Garrett had the Cowboys practicing in pads and he got his “David Stern” on by instituting a dress code.  He made it mandatory that they wear shirt and ties.

I guess Marion Barber didn’t get the memo:

New Cowboys coach Jason Garrett hopes to take control of his team by, among other things, imposing a dress code.  For game days, suits and ties are required.

And so, in the first game played by Cowboys of the Garrett regime, tailback Marion Barber showed up in jeans and an untucked shirt, according to Albert Breer of NFL Network.

Per a league source, plenty of Cowboys are pissed about the situation.

The only way Garrett will get respect is if he sits Barber, if not he just doing a lot of talk, but really has no backbone.

This is a good test for the young coach.  To see if he is a man or a mouse.