Mark Sanchez: “My Girlfriend is the Jets…I am Not Looking For a Mistress”

You would think that the Jets would be Sanchez’s wife, not just his girlfriend.

Maybe he is keeping his options open in the future, even Joe Montana got divorced from the 49ers before “breaking lamps” with the Chiefs.

Sanchez is shooting down rumors he is dating sports journalist Lindsay McCormick.

I wouldn’t be mad at him if he was getting his pimp on with Miss McCormick, but he claims his focus is all on football:

Mark Sanchez is going steady – with a bunch of guys he sees most Sundays. Despite speculation that the studly New York Jets QB is dating sports reporter Lindsay McCormick (even though the blond Auburn grad works primarily in Oregon), Sanchez reassured us at the launch of the Victoria’s Secret VS Pink NFL Collection that his team is the true object of his affection.

“My serious girlfriend is the Jets, and I’m not really looking for a mistress,” he said at the lingerie line’s SoHo store, adding that we won’t be seeing him with any new arm candy this season because “he’s just so busy” and courting a lady “takes time.” He’s no Broadway Joe.

It’s probably for the best that he isn’t Broadway Joe— I don’t want him harassing Suzy Kolber on the sidelines.

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  • He's boning that bitch. After the Inez Sainz controversy, everyone has to watch what they say to the camera.

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