Miss State Booster May Have Voicemail of Cam Newton Pay for Play

Right now the NCAA is Elliot Ness and Cam Newton is Al Capone.

Because of the Reggie Bush situation the NCAA seems hell bent on finding out if any of this “pay for play” information is legit and finding it out before the season is over.

The latest info that has come out is that a Mississippi State Booster may have a voicemail directly implicating Newton.

Here are the details:

Sparty and Friends has learned that a Mississippi State booster is purportedly in possession of voicemails directly implicating the Newton family in a pay for play scheme, and that the booster in question is scheduled to meet with the NCAA.  Why hasn’t this booster met with the NCAA yet?  Apparently, said booster was out of the country last week, and it is not clear at this time whether they are back in the country yet.  It is very possible (likely even) that the booster in question is one of the “two sources” first mentioned in Joe Schad’s report, and since reiterated ad nauseum by every outlet reporting on this story.

One thing to remember is that the booster would be in violation as well for even being in contact with Newton.  So this could have implications on Mississippi State even if they didn’t pay Newton or his family any money.

As of today there is no evidence that Auburn has done anything wrong. All the information has been toward Mississippi State.

Newton will start against Georgia and I have officially put this game on “upset alert”.

4 thoughts on “Miss State Booster May Have Voicemail of Cam Newton Pay for Play

  • Oh my gosh, if there is a voicemail, he's pretty much toast (Ask Tiger). When will people realize (and this is if this is true), when you doing something shady (cheating on a girl/guy, crimes, or talking about someone) don't text it, tweet it, and for heaven's sake, don't leave your voice on a voicemail. C'Mon Man!

  • So what would be the student athlete equivalent of tax evasion?

  • you know if i was a booster . .. what would he gain by keeping the tape .. it still affects him and MSU.. so there boat will still be sunk .. and how stupid are perople.. to leave a voice mail about a under the table deal.. is just mega stupid.. and how can people follow a stupid man at church… You have to believe in you church and you minister if you can't your at the wrong church… Mr. Newton.. hope you look good in stripes and not talking about a pinstripe suit….

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