Mugshots: Bucs WR Mike Williams Arrested on DUI

You know how I have the BSO Report, maybe I should start a DUI Report, because every week it appears some athlete is pulled over after 2am, under the influence of something.

In Mike Williams’ case there are some interesting circumstances. Here are the details:

As ProFootballTalk first reported, Williams was pulled over in Hillsborough County, Florida around 2:48 AM after cops say he was going 57 in a 45 … and weaving all over the place.

Cops say the 23-year-old failed a field sobriety test — and eventually took two breathalyzer tests once he had been taken to a nearby police station. Cops say he blew a .061 and a .065 — both under the legal limit of .08.

Law enforcement officials tell us Williams may have been under the influence of something that can’t be detected by a breathalyzer — so they asked him to submit to a urine test.

If we are to give Williams the benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t “legally drunk”, he still made bad decisions.

Once again when it is 2am, cops have nothing else to do but look for erratic drivers.

Drive the speed limit and responsibility, then you won’t have to worry about stuff like this.  Williams urine test results won’t be known for weeks until then he is schedule to play and start for the Bucs.


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