Murder Suspect Earle Barranco Arrested at Charlotte Bobcats Game

If I wasn’t in sports media I think I would be a Forensic scientist.

I am hooked on Discovery ID and I have seen every “Forensic Files” ever made.  Watching “Deadly Woman”, “Snapped” and “Wicked Attraction” has probably scarred me for life about women.

I am confident I could get away with a crime with the knowledge I have learned from these shows.

The one thing though everyone should know, if you are wanted for “Murder” it is probably not a good idea to show up in a public place like a:


Alas most criminals aren’t very bright and that is why they get caught.  Here is the story of Earle Barranco:

A man wanted in a deadly shooting in New York City was arrested Saturday night at a Bobcats game in Charlotte.

Members of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team and state and federal agents arrested 24-year-old Earle Barranco during the NBA game, according to police.

Undercover officers captured Barranco in one of the VIP areas of Time Warner Cable arena around 7:45 p.m., according to WCNC-TV, the Observer’s news partner. Police said he was arrested without incident. The game wasn’t interrupted by the police activity.

Homeboy wasn’t just in the stands he was in VIP.
He was a balling criminal.
Maybe he assumed that since it was the Bobcats no one would be watching and obviously similar to your local club now it doesn’t take much to get VIP access in Charlotte.
I wonder if Michael Jordan was there?  Probably not he only goes to three or four games a year, it is the Bobcats we are talking about.


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  • Yes, MJ, Nelly & Ashanti were there that nite! how but they had floor seats!

    • VIP not what it is use to be

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