NCAA Investigating Auburn’s QB Cam Newton

This is coming from New York Times reporter Pete Thamel.

It appears someone from Mississippi State informed the NCAA that someone on Newton’s behalf asked for cash during a recruiting trip.

Also it is being reported that the NCAA is requesting Newton’s father (who is a reverend) bank records to see if any large deposits were made during the time Cam was deciding where he was going to school at.

Can’t say that I am surprised and I wouldn’t be shocked if the NCAA found something. It appears Mississippi State, might be a bit salty about the success Newton is having with the Tigers.

Doesn’t matter though because if it is found out he took money to go to Auburn he should be ruled ineligible.

2 thoughts on “NCAA Investigating Auburn’s QB Cam Newton

  • Whoa whoa.. State told the NCAA about the financial request shortly after they were offered… so that was BEFORE Cam even made his decision to go to Auburn.

    "Multiple sources told that Mississippi State called the SEC office with Bond's information shortly after he brought it to the attention of the school." – ESPN

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