Pics: What Happened To Serena Williams Face?


I could also ask why Andy Murray looks like Austin Powers, but that is no interest to me.

I just wants to know if I am seeing things or not.

I have my glasses on (I am an old man) and it appears to me that Serena has “Kardashianized” her face? Can someone confirm or deny this.

Here is a pic of Serena from 2009

If I am crazy just let me know. With women I know with lighting and make up it appears sometimes they look different from picture to picture.

So if I am wrong please point it out.

I liked the old Serena, not the Kardashian Auto Tune version.


  1. Well. Before I could finish typing her name in the google toolbar, "Serena Williams Plastic Surgery" popped up. While that's not a confirmation, obviously people are taking notice and asking the same question.

  2. LOL at Kardashian Auto Tune!! It does look like she did something and IF she did, that is too bad. She didn't need to do anything! 🙁

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