Police Called to Home Owned By Brent and Erin Barry

Before you start thinking the worst and Brent has went Jay Mariotti or Erin has went Elin Nordegren, my sources tell me that the police were called because the paparazzi has been stationed outside of the home for the last couple of days.

Here is what we know so far:

According to multiple sources in San Antonio, police have been called to the house previously shared by Brent Barry and his wife, Erin Barry. The reason for police presence is unknown at this point.

Erin Barry was thrust into the national spotlight yesterday when it was confirmed she was Tony Parker’s other woman in the rumored texting scandal. Shortly after filing divorce, sources close to Eva Longoria claimed that Tony had an ongoing relationship with the wife of a teammate. Obviously, that teammate turned out to be Brent Barry, who was Tony’s teammate for four seasons on the San Antonio Spurs.

Brent Barry filed for divorce on October 29th in Bexar County.

As I stated when this story first broke, Erin Barry will turn into a celebrity overnight. She was the #1 google trend for awhile and on twitter.  I can almost guarantee she ends up on some reality show, I bet you VH1 is trying to squeeze her in on “Basketball Wives” right now.

The person who has to suffer is Brent Barry.

Everyone wants to talk to the victim and while Eva Longoria is use to the Hollywood spotlight, Brent is not.

Plus who wants to get asked over and over:

“Brent how does it feel to know your teammate was playing French Quarters with your wife?”

Feel bad for the guy, just hope he can handle the pressure because at some point this scandal will pass and a new one will capture the nation’s attention.

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