Preview: Marion Jones: Press Pause – ESPN 30 for 30

BlackSportsOnline was invited to a private press screening of Marion Jones and her intimate, yet inspiring documentary of the rise and fall of her career. As many people may already know, Marion Jones was considered the fastest woman on earth and she was the recipient of many athletic achievements which included five medals from the 2000 Summer Olympics.

She was incarcerated in 2007 at Carswell federal prison for lying to federal investigators about her steroid use and soon saw her Olympic achievements disqualified. Her experiences and documentary, which are produced and directed by John Singleton and Paul Hunter, showed a vulnerable yet strong-willed Jones with a voice.

Her voice of determination and her resilient poise makes her still a role model. She admitted that she could have told the truth but she thought by lying she would be protecting her family and career. John Singleton was determined to have Marion Jones voice her own story as she lived it. This experience will be something she will live with forever.

We don’t want to give the entire story away, but you will be shocked, angry, uplifted and inspired all in one hour. Check out her compelling story November.2, Tuesday at 8pm EST.

3 thoughts on “Preview: Marion Jones: Press Pause – ESPN 30 for 30

  • she took the drugs because she's a cheater and lied because she was selfish. if she really cared about her family in the first place then she would have not taken the drugs, but no, she wanted to be the best. she got what she deserved and i don't know what you're smoking, but she is no ROLE MODEL. yes, people do make mistakes, but people seem to forget that we only live ONE life and the decisions we make define us as a person. everyone needs to ask themselves is this question… "if today was your last day on earth, would you be proud of the decisions you've made and the person you've become?" …. the only ones on this earth who can truly answer yes to that question are kids, because they're simply innocent… so innocent, where they won't even understand the question to begin with. no teen or adult can be proud of the decisions they've made. and do you honest to god think, if she didn't get caught, she would have came clean? HELL NO! just look at reggie bush. people who cheat and lie are the worst kind of people.. if you can't trust someone, then what's the point?

  • Professional athletes at times have the worse people around them. Marion Jones stated that she felt she didn’t need the steroids to be the best. She felt she still could have won all those medals without it. You should educate yourself on steroids they can’t make you a super hero. If you’re out of shape and don’t train steroids won’t make you Superman. What she did was wrong but she didn’t take anyone down with her and she overcame her mistakes and now she’s in the WNBA, happily, living with her husband and children.

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