Report: Randy Moss Had “Confrontation” With Brad Childress After Loss to Pats

In theory if you believe this report form The Vikings Edge, it would make sense, but as of right now it is just speculation.   Here is what they said happened after the loss to the Patriots:

I have been told by sources that Moss had a “blow up” following Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots where he confronted multiple Vikings coaches including head coach Brad Childress. Many things frustrated Moss; specifically how coaches ignored his advice earlier in the week on the Patriots defensive tendencies.

Moss also on Sunday night gave a bizarre press conference both criticizing the Vikings coaching staff while also referring to Bill Belichick as the “Greatest Coach in the history of the NFL”. Moss also stayed in the New England area on Sunday night to be with family instead of traveling home with the team.

Moss alluded to the fact the Vikings’ coaches didn’t listen to him and he seemed annoyed by that during his press conference.

The fact that Childress made the decision to release him without informing the owner or GM could mean it was more “personal” than “professional”.

As I stated on twitter, Childress wants to release Brett Favre, but since he can’t and no one respects him in the locker room he decided to flex his muscles by releasing Moss.

The problem with that is he has dug himself a deeper hole with his team and organization because of his Napoleon Complex.

In the end Childress, Moss and Favre will all be gone at some point and the Vikings can start fresh with a coach who doesn’t look like he should be tapped on the shoulder by Chris Hanson.

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