Rumor: Nebraska Quarterback Taylor Martinez Quitting the Team


This is just a rumor, but one that seems to have some legs.

The problem comes from Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini acting like a young Bobby Knight on steroids.

Check out the video above, I am all for discipline and holding your players accountable, but Pelini appears to be out of control and I would not allow a child of mine to play for a coach like that.

Nebraska lost an ugly game to Texas A&M where they committed 16 penalties and Pelini showed no composure on the sidelines.

Pelini has had a history of acting like a spoiled child  and to be honest the act is old. Martinez one of the best freshman quarterbacks in the country and has brought life back into the Nebraska program. I can understand how he and his parents probably feel right now.

My advice with him would be to stick it out for the rest of the season for his teammates and then think really hard if Nebraska is the right place for him.


  1. Very short legs. He was caught texting in the locker room when he was taken in, after injury. Of more concern whould be the comspiracy theory in Nebraska that the game was decided before the kick off by the Big 12, and like Lee Harvey Oswald the ref's pulled the trigger. Check out the Ben Cotton video on You tube, if a guy was slamming your junk with a fist, you would kick, too. The Monday Big 12 conference call should be interesting.

  2. Why do you think it took so long for the gum chewing fool to land a head coaching job?

    The guy and his brother have big time anger management issues!

    Granted the calls and the game were not going his way but handle the pressure like an adult!

    • how about you go out there and try to do what they do day in and day out…. 16 penalties dont you think you would get a little pissed off… a coach has rules and if you dont follow them you will pay the price….

  3. Why is it that everyone is critisizing bo but not one person has critisized the refs or the coaches from the texas a&m game even though anyone who watched that game could tell the refs were bought off ,(how long will it be before texas has to have a bail out to cover the money they spent paying for the refs) and why is it that the ncaa isn’t even doing any kind of investigation, and while we are at it why hasnt the guy who was pobviously trying to injure another player hasn’t been charged with assault he definately intended to injure barney cotton or he wouldn’t have started to get up then lay back dow as soon as the ref got close, and why isn’t anyone critisizing the texas a&m coaches for condoning that kind of stuff, Personnaly I think it is because you are all to only paying attention to one person and not the more important things like fair play and what message we are sending these kids by allowing such actions I know I would wrather have a coach who will cus me out for something I did wrong than one who teaches cheating and assault

    • I suppose the refs threw the interceptions, caused the fumbles and stepped on Martinez's foot, too? Jeez, I never heard such whining in my life. YOU JUST LOST A FOOTBALL GAME. GET OVER IT!! As for the "sexual assault"–oh, puhleeeeze. BTW–there's no "w" in "rather" and a second "s" in "cuss" and your syntax is terrible. Do you have a PhD from N.U.?

      • You must have a P>H>D in cock sucking if you think that what #83 did to barny cotton was normal football It's assault you dumb fuk (you must be a fag from texas) and I spelled it that way so that dumb fuks like you could understand it, The refs were paid I dont care what you say if it was the other way around your fag ass would be making a big deal out of it so roll over and put your boyfriends dick back in your maouth and shut the hell up and leave the thinking up to people who are qualified to do it

      • “Agdog”, your malicious comments epitomize the entire debacle that unfolded that night. It's surprising that anyone would defend such poor behavior but once again, arrogance and ignorance travel hand-in-hand. As a proud Cornhusker, I have long enjoyed watching all quality teams play the game and being a military man, the Aggies have always been one of my favorites. However, there is no excuse for the poor judgment and unprofessionalism collectively shown that night by a select few Aggie players, the entire reffing crew and the Big 12 leadership. Despite all this, I also believe the Cornhuskers should be able to put up more than 6 measly points in ANY game, especially against a weaker team and let’s be honest with one another; odds are good that Nebraska would win 4 out of 5 games against the Aggies this year. All fans reserve the right to “whine” when their team is not treated with the dignity they deserve and no doubt you would be one of the first. Dignity, look it up….

        • Thank you gunny that was very well put, I do agree that the huskers should have been able to get alot more points concidering the talent that they have, I hope they get it together when we meet oklahoma for the big 12 championship which I think is the perfect rivalry to play for our last big twelve title game, And on a different note thank you for serving in the armed forces and for all that you and the military are doing, I have nothing but respect for all of you guys,

      • AG doc must be something you do in Texas stick your arm or head up someones butt,
        Pull it out and join the real world

    • Right on – I feel that the ref's and the oposing sideline are just as much to blame if not more. Nebraska is paying for getting out and it is too bad that we have to leave under such horrid circumstances. Big 12 commissioners need to sit down and re-think what is being done.

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