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When I started BlackSportsOnline many many moons ago, I had no idea what I was doing.  I knew how the traditional media worked because my degree from The Ohio State University, but as far as online media I had no clue.

I knew the internet was the wave of the future, for people who couldn’t break into industries the traditional way.

As the years have went on I learned how you can effectively use the internet not just use as hobby, but to become a full fledged established business.

I never imagine that I would be able to run a business from my couch, but after years in the corporate world, I am striving solely via the business making ventures online.

I have a unique perspective being that I created my site from scratch to the Dollarnaire empire you see now, but I have also spent years in the corporate environment working as a Social Media Analysts for a major cable company.

Blending those two together has allowed me to help athletes, entertainers, web site owners and mainstream media personalities in using social media to maximize their exposure and more importantly their profits.

It was something that I was doing in private, but now it is time to bring it to the public.

The one thing I always said was if BlackSportsOnline ever got to the point of being self sustaining I would always passed down the knowledge that was given to me and that is what is all about.

In partnership with TracyCain Media Group, me and my team of social media analysts will be provided various services:

Social Media Consulting

  • Participate and monitor conversations for each client outside of managed communities
  • Help clients integrate social media with current recruiting and marketing initiatives
  • Research and write content for clients’ social media sites

WordPress Web Design

  • Create customizable wordpress theme
  • Monitor and update site
  • Tutorials on how to fully mention a wordpress based site.

Ghost Tweeting

  • Specific based tweeting to promote or market company, entertainer or athlete.
  • Attract new followers.
  • Increase visibility and connection with current followers.

Ghost Writing:

  • Find and research articles for websites.
  • Write articles for websites.
  • Edit articles for websites.

Crisis Management

  • The diagnosis of the impending trouble or the danger signals
  • Choosing appropriate Turnaround Strategy
  • Implementation of the change process and its monitoring.

Motivational Speaking

  • Give inspirational and informative speeches to groups of people.
  • Give technique and tools to help successfully guide you through the online world.

I will also be providing Social Media tips via the blog.

Once again I appreciate all the support and as we move into 2011 expect bigger and better things from myself, BlackSportsOnline and

3 thoughts on “Social Media Consulting Now Available Via

  • Glad to see that you are branching out. As a fellow journalist and PR practitioner, I would like you to respectfully do something about the creative that anchors your website, namely rebranding or removing the two "women" that you have displayed.
    Not only is that banner degrading but disrespectful to the growth of your brand as a whole.
    Why must the 2 females displayed on a site called Black Sports Online be a) Amber Rose ***blank stare*** or b) a black woman with her arse hanging out ***typical***?

    It sends the message that black men need these type of images to hold their attention and actually READ something. They don't. Brothers read Fox Sports, MSNBC Sports, ESPN online avidly and there is not ONE display of a chick with the arse out. (expect maybe the random cheerleader or 2!)

    It also sends the message that the women on this site are worth no more then the two you have displayed.
    As an avid reader of your site, I have noticed that stories regarding women here usually fall into 2 categories:
    1. Women trying to bring down a "good" athlete (Hoes, baby mama's, skanks, tricks, gold-diggers, etc.)
    2. Kardashians or RHOATL

    Where are the stories (albeit very few are available, I do agree with that), on positive black female athletes? Or at least the wives/girlfriends of these black athletes that are involved in foundations and cause marketing???

    Is it possible to get your creative removed, redeveloped, or one better: actually ADD two female athletes or women in sports to anchor your header that can be recognized by your readers at all levels. Serena? Venus? Late great Flo Jo or Althea Gibson? It would be great to see a more positive image of black women on this site rather then hip-hop hoes, baby mama's, Kardashian's or girls with the arse out!

    As your brand grows, so should your mentality. Just my 2 cents! 🙂

    • I think you are confusing the two.

      BlackSportsOnline will always stand on it's own and it isn't something set up to promote positive black, white, brown or yellow males or females. It is set to provide entertaining and provocative stories be it negative, positive, strange or otherwise.

      BSO is not about changing people's opinion. They can think what they like, I do at least 5-6 articles a week about athletes doing positive things it is just that the other stories are the ones people "remember" and that is fine.

      We don't want to be Fox or ESPN, we aren't trying to fit into a corporate bubble. My mentality has always been to provide people a wide ranging array of information, once I start sugarcoating because someone doesn't like seeing a booty or a Kardashian that's when my brand dies.

      And that would be what I would advise anyone who is starting a site.

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