Source: Brent Barry’s Wife Erin Barry at Center of Longoria Parker Divorce


That didn’t take long,  SI reports from @BryanAGraham Brent Barry’s wife Erin Berry is the one who Tony Parker was sending texts to and alleged had an affair with.

According to the sources now Brent and his wife could be heading toward divorce court.

This is a plot straight out of Desperate Housewives.

Almost too crazy to believe but for some reason I think it is true.

What I am being told from my sources within the NBA, is that this isn’t an uncommon occurrence, that frequently players and some time teammates sleep with each other spouses and mistresses.

As I stated before that is a violation of a man law, but then again no one ever claimed athletes have a great moral compass.

Ironically the Spurs are always used as the NBA team that is anti-Hollywood, I guess no team is safe from “Tigerstyling”.


  1. if this is true, then Tony is a dog….and Barry's wife a "you know what"..Take the high road Eva and Brent and leave these two low life's behind…what goes around, comes around, bet on it…..

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