Source: Greg Popovich & Teammates Upset at Tony Parker’s Divorce Scandal

I am not sure if I believe this, only because NBA players know this stuff is going on.

Brent Barry hasn’t been with the team for awhile and as long as Parker is performing on the court that is all they care about.

The Spurs have gotten off to an excellent start this season and it doesn’t appear Parker’s texting habits will have an effect on that.  They just won’t be leaving their wives alone with him.

Here are the details:

A source tells E! News that both the NBA star’s teammates, as well as the San Antonio Spurs staff, are pretty unhappy too.

“The core guys are super pissed about it all,” the source says about the other players and their feelings regarding Tony’s alleged sexting with Erin Barry, the soon-to-be ex-wife of his former Spurs teammate Brent Barry.

The Spurs are known around the league for running one of the premier franchises by drafting and signing good character and chemistry players. This is the kind of thing they try to avoid.

Making the situation slightly more awkward is the fact that Parker signed a four-year, $50 million extension with the team last week.

“The Spurs staff is very upset and Pop [Spurs head coach Greg Popovich] would trade him if he didn’t just sign that big deal,” the source insists.

There were a lot of trade rumors about Parker before he signed his five year 50 million dollar extension, but now they are stuck with him.

I do agree the Spurs present themselves as a top notch organization that tries to stay away from controversy, but the fact they are in San Antonio should insulate Parker from the press.

Unless there are some naked pictures of him and Erin Barry (or a sextape) floating around it should blow over by the All-Star break.

One thought on “Source: Greg Popovich & Teammates Upset at Tony Parker’s Divorce Scandal

  • Man that “source” article sounds so phoney. As long as you play you’re hardest and do whatever he says on the court, pop doesn’t care about things like this. Now if if parker was arrested on a dui then yeah I can believe this but, trade him over a couple text? Yeah right. I’m sure is teamates are more cautious when he’s around their wives or girlfriends but they’ll get over it.

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