Sources: Cam Newton’s Father Cecil Admits to Pay for Play Conversations

This is according to WSBTV Channel 2 in Atlanta they claim Cecil Newton admits to having conversations about taking money in exchange for his son quarterbacking services.

Here are the details:

A source close to the situation exclusively told Channel 2 Action News investigative reporter Mark Winne that the player’s father, Cecil Newton, has admitted having conversations with an ex-Mississippi State University player about the possibility of under-the-table money if Cam Newton signed to play football at Mississippi State, though he’s steadfastly maintained that no money ever changed hands and said no official at Mississippi State ever made such an offer.

According to Winne’s source, Cecil Newton said his son’s hands are clean, and has made it clear that Cam Newton himself and his mother knew nothing about the money discussions, nor did Auburn University, with whom the Westlake High School grad from College Park eventually signed with out of junior college.

If you believe the report, it really doesn’t matter if Cam knew or not, if his father was indeed engaged in those conversations Newton will be deemed ineligible.

Those are the rules of the NCAA.

If you take Cecil Newton at face value and no money was exchanged personally I think it would be unfair to Cam Newton and Auburn if they were punished in any way.

But would we be naive to think that Cam know nothing about what his father was doing?

Also would we be naive to assume that no money was exchange?

Like most of these reports, there hasn’t been any concrete proof of any wrongdoing, we are quick to cast guilt, before getting all the facts.

For now I don’t think anything should happen to Cam Newton unless there is proof that the NCAA or Auburn knows about. There is a lot of smoke around this situation, but does that necessarily mean that a barn fire is about to break out?

I don’t know, but I am willing to give the Newton’s the benefit of the doubt, for now.

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