Terrell Owens: “How Do Justify 78 million Contract With Performance Like That”


A couple of things come to mind when I think about Terrell Owens in regards to Donovan McNabb:

  • Bitter
  • Salty
  • Mad
  • Jealous
  • Envious

T.O. is entitled to his opinions and what he is saying, is what a lot of us are thinking, but for someone who always wonders why people think a certain way about him, this is why.

He claims to be McNabb’s friend, if my friend just took a beaten on national television and will get destroy by the national media in the morning they last thing I would want to do is throw salt in my friend’s wound.

Who does that?

Who kicks a man while he is down?

That’s the reason it is very difficult to defend T.O. even when he is being attacked unfairly.  You would think after so many years, so many battles and so many PR disasters that he would get it by now, but now I know that is just wishful thinking.

He is too old to be acting so petty and immature.

Time for him to grow up and stop acting like a scorn school girl.

What happened between he and McNabb is old news, worry about your own 2-7 team and less about what is going on in someone else pockets.

McNabb may not be worth 78 million dollars on the field, but he has class and that is something that no amount of money can buy.

If you could buy class, T.O. would need a Peyton Manning contract extension to have some.


T.O. originally claimed it was his brother made the tweet, before manning up tonight an accepting ownership of it.


  1. This is a very bad case of a man (T.O.) who's panties are extremely moist. He would fit perfectly on the show Football wives. Instead of STFU and trying to set himself up for a better contract nex year, (barring a lockout) he just set himself up for another after training camp deal with another bad team. Of course he'll tweet about being misunderstood when he's not signed before then.

  2. Is it a surprise that this man has played for 5 NFL teams with the HOF resume he has established? He needs to stop wearing sunglasses to press conferences, tweeting about McNabb and start worrying about winning some games. Buffalo is coming there next week and they can beat Cincy. I am so tired of this moist, moist man.

    • That is what is frustrating. He has been a great player and in some instances he us unfairly criticized, but very difficult to feel for him when he acts like such an ass

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