The Cam Newton Payment Plan

As the King of the Dollarnaires I am pro “payment plans”.

True story when I got my first apartment out of college, I got some Rent A Center furniture, almost a decade later I still have that couch (it is in storage, but that isn’t the point).

When you get on a “payment plan” there is always a catch, which normally is you are going to pay a whole lot more money than if you just paid for it in one lump sum, but a lot of times when you are a Dollarnaire, you don’t have a lot of up front cash.

Cecil Newton understood Mississippi State Dollarnaire status in the SEC and tried to cut them a deal.

Bell told he also shared a series of voice mail messages from Rogers with the NCAA last week. Bell said Cecil Newton never specifically asked him for money, but that Newton was present during three-way calls in which Rogers discussed a pay-for-play scheme.

Bell said he told the NCAA that Rogers sent him a text message outlining a payment schedule. Bell said the text included a request for $80,000 the day after Cam Newton signed with Mississippi State, $50,000 30 days after that and another $50,000 30 days later.

“When he asked for it, it was like ‘Bam!'” Bell said. “He told me this kid’s dad is going to want money and the next day he sent me a text message. He didn’t say anything other than ‘This is what I want and I want it in three installments.'”

Cecil Newton must watch a lot of those “Mobsters” documentaries, because he was smart to never have the words “straight cash homie” come out of his mouth or send any texts.

The interesting thing is as of right now, it doesn’t appear the Newtons received any money.  There is no evidence that Auburn had anything to do with this.

Can you truly punish a player and a school because his dad has Creflo Dollar type tendencies?

My personal feeling is no, but the NCAA rules are as complicated as the NFL what is a catch rules, so I am not sure what is going to happen.

Auburn just needs to roll with it and hope and pray.