The Celtics To Be Featured in 5 Part ESPN Series “The Association”

You know what is interesting about the Miami Heat?

They aren’t that interesting of a team. Lebron and D Wade are big personalities, but following them day after day has been a bit of bust.

If anything. it has worked against the Heat since they are cracking a bit under the pressure.

The Celtics on the other hand, that is an interesting squad.

Paul Wheelchair Pierce, Ray DM Allen, Kevin Cancerous Garnett, The Big Shamrock, Lil Nate Robinson, Big Baby Davis and the rest of the crew have a lot more personality than the South Beach NWO. ESPN seems to agree:

Fans of the Boston Celtics will get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Green next month as ESPN will air a five-part series entitled “The Association.”

A news release from NBA Entertainment says: “While much of the preseason hype focused on the defending champion Lakers and the new look Miami Heat, viewers will see how the Celtics are working to prove that they never should be overlooked.”

The series, which starts Dec. 3 before the Celtics face the Chicago Bulls on ESPN, will chronicle the team’s season-long journey while also providing some insight into the history of the storied franchise.

ESPN did the Lakers last year, so it is only fitting they feature their arch rival.

Wonder will they have KG miked up?

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