The FBI Now Involved In Cam Newton Scandal

Earlier today it was leaked that Newton alledegly cheated in a couple of classes when he was at the University of Florida (I know shocking that an athlete at major university not doing his classwork).

Rumors swirled that it was Urban Meyer or someone in his crew that “snitched” because they were upset Newton is balling and Florida is suffering from a Tebow hangover.

Meyer denied the claim and honestly what Newton did a Florida has nothing to do with what he is currently doing at Auburn.

But now the Feds are involved here are the details:

TMZ Sports has confirmed … the FBI has requested a meeting with a key figure in the Cam Newton college football recruiting controversy to find out if, “young men are being shopped to colleges.”

The man feds want to speak with is John Bond — a former Mississippi State football star. Last week, Bond claimed people connected to Heisman front-runner Cam Newton contacted him back in 2009 and said it would take $180,000 to get Cam to commit to MSU.

Newton eventually committed to Auburn University, where he’s now one of the top quarterbacks in the country.

Bond’s attorney confirms to TMZ Sports that the FBI has requested a sit-down meeting with his client — and tells us the agent who contacted him said, “We are interested in whether young men are being shopped to colleges.”

You would think Newton was John Gotti at the amount of attention he is getting.

You have to wonder if Newton was struggling and not staring at a possible Heisman Trophy would this story be getting this much attention.

Newton’s hands aren’t clean in the matter, if he never did anything wrong there wouldn’t be anything to “expose”, but the timing is curious to say the least.

Doesn’t the FBI has more important things to worry about than college recruiting?

7 thoughts on “The FBI Now Involved In Cam Newton Scandal

  • Damn. All this shit over some college football?

  • @Robert
    There is no doubt in my mind that Florida(Meyer) and Mississipi state are feeling moist(*Donates to BSO funds…) over Cam not being at Mississipi or Florida and elevating Auburn at the top of the national polls and the top of the SEC. Not to mention there is the possibility that Cam(if the allegations didn't surface) would have been at Auburn for another year again which basically guarantees Auburn another run at the national championship. If things remain as they are, Auburn will most likely face Florida in the SEC championship. Dan Mullen who's head coach at Mississipi state served as offensive coordinator at Utah under Meyer.
    So i wouldn't be surprised if Meyer made a subtle suggestion here and there to get these allegations going.

    • It really wouldn't surprise me if Meyer is pulling a couple of the strings on this.

  • My question is: How and why in the hell have they waited this long to say anything 'if' there is anything to expose? I mean, Auburn is 10-0; that means at the very least 2 months have gone by watching this young man do his thing on the field and now that he is in the #1 spot to take home the Heisman….this comes up out of the blue? Wow. No matter how far we've come and traveled, there will never be a point of things being equal or on level. Rob is right, there is probably some dirt on Cam's hands, but if you are going to expose him, then expose them all!

  • The reason I think this is a big story is because of Reggie Bush. It seems like a redux. Dude probably took money… and instead of giving back the Heisman and forfeiting the Natl championship they would most definitely win over Boise…. why not nip it in the bud!

  • Don’t we all just admire a quarterback that can run. Cam Newton got the power arm as well as the legs man. He can go real far.

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