The Titans Don’t Allow Vince Young To Enter Team Facility


Vince Young has his issues, but if he wants to come to work he should be allowed to.

If Jeff Fisher made this call,  it is very petty on his part.  Fisher wants Young to grow up and take responsibility, but the Titans are acting like children as well.

This is why I believe Young would be better off elsewhere, because at this point both the Titans and Young are acting like spoil brats.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Young showed up to the team’s facility on Monday and was asked to leave by a team official. Young did leave without incident, but he was visibly upset, sources told Wyatt.

If the Titans didn’t want Young to come in, they should have told him before or told his agent.  They did the same thing with the late Steve McNair.  Don’t ask Vince Young to be a professional, when you aren’t being a professional organization.

Bud Adams is on record saying Young and his 11 million dollar salary will be back next year, but I can’t see how Young and Fisher can co-exist, meaning it might be Fisher taking his talents elsewhere.

Dallas anyone……


  1. Vince Young acted like a bitch and ran off first so Fisher has the upper hand in this mess. Didn't the Titans pull this same stunt with McNair??