Tony Parker Files for Divorce From Eva Longoria

To be honest it lasted longer than I thought.

Does that mean Longoria is no longer a “Desperate Housewife”?

TMZ has the details:

Parker filed for divorce yesterday in Texas.

The “Desperate Housewives” actress and the San Antonio Spurs star married back in July of 2007.

Eva has stated that she has Tony’s initials tattooed on her body … in a mystery spot. She also has Tony’s jersey number  — “Nine” — tattooed on the back of her neck.

Good thing for Parker, Longoria makes as much money has he does, so he doesn’t have to worry about a Tigerstyle divorce settlement.

Wonder if Rihanna would be interested?


She doesn’t like basketball players.


According to Eva Longoria, Tony Parker didn’t file for divorce.

Somebody is lying and I am sure the truth will come out soon.

6 thoughts on “Tony Parker Files for Divorce From Eva Longoria

  • He crazy Rob. She make her own Money. Fine. I mean even if she a lil annoying. Damn it beats what other dudes have. She must have cheated or the lamp breaking is terrible

  • dead @ the "she doesn't like basketball players" comment. I can't believe that they're breaking up they "seemed' to be sooooo happy

  • i wonder when she cooked for him last. all style no substance

  • Does this mean that they will stop zooming the camera on her during every Spurs game? Cuz lord knows that's why we watch Spurs games, to see Longoria. **snicker**

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