Tony Parker’s NBA 2K11 Rating Changed From “Loyal to Not Loyal”

One of the cool interactive things about next gen sports games are the real time adjustments of their skills.

For instance, Steve Johnson of the Bills started out as a scrub and now is one of the higher ranked Wide Receivers in Madden.

The developers also take into effect off the field stuff as well.  If there is a situation with a coach or organization it could effect the player’s “mood and morale” settings.

In Tony Parker’s case, his “Big Pimpin” had the following  effect on his NBA 2K11 rankings:

Parker’s now rated “not loyal” for player management purposes (the background calculation went from an 87 to a 0, I was told) and his “steal” rating also got goosed up (to 79). Too bad Brent Barry, the cuckolded sixth man in this, still isn’t in the league, he’d probably get zeroed out in “awareness.”

As for other Tony Parker attributes that may interest you: Shoot off dribble, 81; Ball handle, 94; Ball security, 88; Stamina, 91. His pull up or penetrate tendency, however, is 99 for pull up.

I think we know now why NBA 2k11 ended NBA Live’s (or Elite if you are new school) career the same way 50 Cent ended Ja Rule.

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