Video: Amazing Oklahoma State INT.. Broderick Brown Tips to Shaun Lewis


I have been wanting to write about this for years, but never had the chance to. Looks like I do now.

I have always wondered when there is a tip interception or fumble recovery, why is the player who catches the tip or recovers the fumble is more celebrated than than who causes the turnover?

Also why does that player also celebrate like they were the one who caused it?

Broderick Brown makes one of the most heads up plays I have seen in a long time. He flies out of bounds and tips the ball to Shaun Lewis.

Lewis is mobbed, while Brown walks slowly back to the sideline.

Once again, this proves we are living in a bizarro world.

But I am here to celebrate Broderick Brown. You, sir, made one of the college plays of the year and I salute you.


  1. Not to nitpick, but Brown (the one that caused the INT) was mobbed, while Lewis walked back to the sideline. Your premise is still valid way too often… just not in this case. And yes… Play of the year IMO… AMAZING!

  2. Yea # 19 was the one who got the love, deservingly so. # 11 got love too though, but I think the play wouldn't have been made by either one of them. Sure # 19 made a heads up decision, but if # 11 didn't show the awareness to follow what his teammate was doing then the ball would've hit the ground and it would've been just another dead play. So you have to give both players props for their awareness.

    Plus the commentators gave love to both players as well. And I'm sure the coach is gonna show that in film room next practice and give both players props.

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