Video: Andre Johnson Fight Against Cortland Finnegan



Two things:

  1. What in the blue hell is going on with Cortland Finnegan’s hair?  Someone get that man a S-Curl kit ASAP.
  2. Finnegan is very lucky Johnson didn’t connect with that uppercut or he would be asleep with Paul Williams right now.

Finnegan has a reputation of getting under opponents skin, while Johnson is considered mild mannered.

But Finnegan forgot that Johnson went to The U and if you throw a punch you better be ready to throw hands, he wasn’t ready and got beat down.

Johnson took Finnegan’s cornbread and his curling iron.

Both Johnson and Finnegan were ejected and Johnson has to remember that he is very important to his team, so he has to keep his cool.  With that being said, I have a hard time faulting him because everyone has a breaking point. This isn’t a patterned, so I am willing to give him a pass.

As a public service announcement fighting is not the way to solve your problems kids, but sometimes the best way to handle a bully when he pushes you, is to push back.

Best sports fight I have seen that didn’t involved fans, this was a TKO win for Johnson.

I am pretty sure Finnegan won’t be that eager to play press coverage against Johnson any time soon.

13 thoughts on “Video: Andre Johnson Fight Against Cortland Finnegan

  • I think your wrong. I think Finnegan is that crazy dude, that you could beat down every day of the week and the next day he'll still be in your face talk s***. Some ppl don't care about takin an ass whippin. Some ppl actually get enjoyment out of getting hit. I have no doubt there are a few of them in football.

    But I guarantee you in the next game he plays, Finnegan will be in another WR grill talkin s*** to him.

    • So he is like a woman who likes to be hit?

  • S-curl kit? LMBO. Mr. Finnegan is one of these B/W biracial kids who didn't get the hair from his white parent.

  • Dreams are but interludes, which fancy makes; When monarch reason sleeps, this mimic wakes.

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