Video: Andrew Bogut Gets Dunked On By Kevin Garnett..Skirmish Ensues

Interesting day for Kevin Garnett.

He has taken a beating in public first for calling Charlie Villanueva a “cancer patient” and then in my opinion lying about it, now this.

He delivers the facial to Andrew Bogut, but gets a little too close in Bogut’s mind.

Bogut gives him a little shove while KG walks away.

When you get the reputation as a bully, players are going to want to show they aren’t intimidated and like it or not KG’s reputation is of someone who is trying to puff his chest out at you.

Players are going to test him and in this instance he backed down.

Smart on his part, don’t want to get kicked out of the game, but now players will continue to take his cornbread just to see how far they can push the big bad Kevin Garnett.

Thanks to the homie @Jose3030 for the video.

3 thoughts on “Video: Andrew Bogut Gets Dunked On By Kevin Garnett..Skirmish Ensues

  • This is what Charlie V was suppose to do. Not run to twitter like a punk ass bitch.

  • Does any1 realize this is the point of his tactics. KG don't wanna fight, he's not going to fight. The point is to get a player so flustered the only thing they feel they can do is hit u. Just like Bogut and Charlie V did. Bogut got so mad he almost instantly costed his team the game. V got so mad he started gettin emotional on twitter after the game was over.

    If anything, if you hit him or push him, he's just gonna talk more noise to you cause he knows he's under your skin. Then you become his target because you've shown you're emotionally weak.

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