Video: Austin Collie Injured..But The Eagles Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

The most important thing is the health of Austin Collie.

Our prayers are with him, because it was a nasty hit and it appeared he was unconscious before his head slammed into the ground.

I never want to see anyone get hurt. Football at its core it just a game and like several players have said you want everyone to be able to go home to their friends and family when the game is over.

I hope that Collie is ok and makes a full recovery.

But the truth has to be told. The Eagles did absolutely nothing wrong on the play. They shouldn’t have been assessed a penalty and neither should be fine.

Collie was not defenseless.

He caught the ball and proceed to run, he saw Quintin Mikell coming and braced himself. He ducked his head, Mikell following the rules lead with his shoulder. Kurt Coleman attempts to come in and assist with the tackle with his shoulder, but the effect of the Mikell tackle and Collie ducking his head causes the helmet to helmet blow.

You have to remember these plays are happening in seconds. There is no possible way that Kurt Coleman knows that the hit from Mikell would cause Collie’s body to be in a position to take a helmet to helmet hit.

The officials responded to the fact that Collie was hurt, not what actually happened on the field.

Even worse they called a penalty on Quintin Mikell who clearly lead with his shoulder not his head.

I don’t approve of dirty play, but the NFL has to understand they can’t pick and choose what is dangerous and what isn’t. If Collie play is illegal then what happens a running back is hit by two players at the same time?

The point is you have to use common sense in these case, punish the dirty, but don’t handcuff the players who are out there just playing hard clean football.

Football is a violent sport and injuries are unavoidable.

If the Eagles are fined for this it would be sending the wrong message.

As soon as we get any additional information on Collie’s injury we will let you know.


Good news Collie is up and alert with full movement in all his limbs.

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