Video: Braylon Edwards Karaoke Night Rapping LL Cool J “Hey Lover”

I will give Braylon credit for knowing the words without having to look at the screen— that is somewhat impressive.

My suggestion though is if you are going to look like a Bishop in Juice, that you pick a more hard core song. Maybe Waka Flaka “No Hands”?

Just tying to help out the Karaoke experience for Braylon.

While he has been overtaken as the #1 receiver in NYC by Santonio Holmes, he has had a solid Keyshawn Johnsonesque season.

You know a lot of talking with average production.

Braylon had a big game against the Patriots this weekend. And because I do have him on one of my fantasy football teams (not surprisingly one that is struggling), I need him to have a big game when he decides to put down the mic.

Thanks to the Stiletto Jill from for alert us to the video.

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