Video: ESPN’s Skip Bayless “Teaches You How to Dougie”


I have nothing to say.

Honestly I really have nothing to say.

When Skip Bayless is doing the Dougie, what can you say?

It would be the equivalent to Chris Berman wearing gold fronts, you know when the Dougie was cool? When Doug E. Fresh was doing it back in 88.

I get the “Dougie” fascination, I used to do the running man, so I am trying to understand. Maybe I just getting old, I will stick to my “2 Step”, then again I rock Bert Sugar hats, so what do I know?

I think John Wall is going to be a great player in the NBA but……………….


  1. (Is there something wrong with the intensedebate login system?)

    What a way to return to the site.


    This is beyond *** Rob.

    You aren't getting old, its just some of this young guy stuff is getting out of hand. What ever happened to walking with a limp. Now they walk as if they have stilettos on!!!!!!!!

    • Walking with stilettos on is funny. I mean I don't like to tell people how they should dance, but ummmm yeah

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