Video: Lebron James “Shoulder Leans” Coach Erik Spoelstra

You know what makes a good group?

Everyone knows their role, when they don’t that’s when you have problems.

Take New Edition for example. Ralph was the lead singer, Ronnie was the Pretty Boy, Mike was the rapper and Ricky was the backup singer.

Then you had Bobby Brown who wanted to be, Ralph, Ronnie, Mike and Ricky all in one. He was unwilling to changed and had to be kicked out of the group. They bought in Johnny Gill and his box curl, things went a lot smoother after that.

Read this quote from Lebron James when asked if he or Dwyane Wade needed to change the way they played the game:

“No, I can’t change my game dramatically and I don’t think he can either,” LeBron said. “It doesn’t make any sense to do that. I’m not going to.” He paused. “I’d just be a role player at that point.”

My question to LeBron is if he didn’t want to change and wanted to be Alpha male why did he take his talents to South Beach?

Did he think it would be like playing in an All-Star game ever night?

Did he think teams would just bow in front of his ring-less kingdom?

Did he ever talk to Bosh and Wade on how this would work?

I saw Lebron as a high school basketball player and back then I saw a guy who loved nothing more than making his teammates look good. I saw a guy who would pass up a dunk, so his teammate could get some shine.

That is why I always said he could be the next Magic Johnson if he wanted to.

But somewhere along the way, he got lost in becoming the next Michael Jordan.  The trappings of fame and the pressure of being the next Jordan took control of him like The Lord of the Rings. This Lebron James is more worried about the King James reputation than doing what is right for the team.

Lebron James is gone, only King James remains.  It is like Spider-man getting taken over by the symbiote.

Even though Bobby Brown went solo and had huge success, he never stop missing New Edition, he knew no matter how big he got, he needed that support system.

Lebron wants all that comes with being the King, while having the responsibilities of a Prince.

What he doesn’t understand is he can’t have it both ways. He decided he needed help and when you ask for help you have to make sacrifices.

Wade is the Heat’s closer and Lebron needs to be more of starting pitcher, he gave up his right to close when he decided it was better to be 1a instead of a clear cut #1.

If he wanted full responsibility, he would have went to the Knicks, Nets, Bulls or back to the Cavs, but he didn’t want that weight on his shoulders.

The video of him brushing up against Coach Spoelstra in essence is nothing (thanks to @therobmac for tracking it down), but the symbolism of his back turned, not even acknowledging his coach begs the question that Lebron needs to ask himself………

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  • i love this post because: it compares lebron to a prince. ( im not from cleveland) and it uses new edition as the analogy AND posts one of their best songs EVER!!!!

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