Video: Ohio Politician Lee Fisher Mocks Lebron’s Nike Ad

I don’t know if Fisher is a Democrat or Republican, but if I still stayed in Ohio he would get my vote, just based off the creativity of the ad.

It seems like everyone is taking shots at Lebron.

Media Take Out, Media, Twitter, Politicians and random groupies.

He just needs to embrace the villain role and move on, stop whining every time someone comes at him. But as someone told me, you just don’t become a villain overnight.

I disagree with that, being a connoisseur of comics in almost every story there is a dramatic event that turns someone into a villain.

If he can channel all the negativity and become like Magneto he could rule the NBA or he could just go crazy like the Joker. Either way, it will be interesting to watch.


6 thoughts on “Video: Ohio Politician Lee Fisher Mocks Lebron’s Nike Ad

  • Just a little background about Lee Fisher, He is the Democrat in the race for Sentate aganist The Republican, Rob Portman. Portman at last poll has a sizeable lead over Fisher about 15 points.

    • So this was like a Hail Mary for him

      • Yep, and It missed. Portman has won that seat.

  • The problem with Lebron trying to note people taking shots at him is that most if not all the people taking shots aren't playing in the NBA

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